Jojo Rabbit



A young boy and his imaginary friend Hitler deal with a Jewish girl his mother is hiding in his home.

Who is the Audience for This Movie?

People who like dramadies.


Jojo Rabbit is a masterpiece. Normally when I watch a movie there is a part of me that wants to break the movie down piece by piece but Jojo Rabbit leaves no room for even the most critical of viewer to point out major flaws.

Taika Waititi deserved all the awards he received for this movie. Jojo Rabbit definitely feels like a movie that was written and directed by the same person because its vision never takes any unnecessary detours. You feel like your seeing the world as young Jojo does. What makes it even more impressive is Taika taking on the portrayal of Hitler. His performance is oddly playful with moments of uncomfortable menace.

The rest of the main cast (Scarlett Johansson , Sam Rockwell, Thomasin McKenzie) aside from Rebel Wilson (sorry, I do not find her one note comedy funny) demand attention when on screen. Each character has a lot to work with script wise and they get to be both funny and emotional throughout. Their performances help carry the pace of the movie perfectly there is never a dull moment and the movies gets out of its own way at the right time with an ending that drives home all its themes in the best way it could.

With all that said the most important thing about Jojo Rabbit to me is that I found it hilarious. Lately I have been struggling to find new comedies that I find consistently funny throughout their runtime it was great to finally watch a movie that takes major risks in its humour. It is definitely not going to be funny to everyone who watches it but if your sense of humour skews a bit darker your in for a good time.

Should You Watch This Movie?

Jojo Rabbit is a movie I put off watching for a while and I am glad I finally decided to watch it because it is my favorite movie of 2019.

Entertainment Value


Cinematic Value


Technical Value


  • +All the lead actors giving it their all
  • +Perfectly balances drama and comedy
  • +Does not overstay its welcome
  • +Pacing is great


  • -Rebel Wilson
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