Poolhall Junkies



A talented pool hustler who been out of the game for years, must go back to his old ways when his little brother gets involved with his enemy.

Who is the Audience for This Movie?



This was my review of this movie in 2008:

“I like playing pool and to see a movie about pool that is genuinely entertaining is an immediate approval in my book. All of the scenes where people were playing pool were shot and edited very well. You could tell their was a lot of care put into them to be as authentic as possible, rightfully so considering some of the actors play pool professionally.

Christopher Walken is hilarious in this movie. It was obviously not intentional but when Christopher Walken plays a role in his stereotyped acting style you cannot help but be entertained by it.”

This is my review in 2022:

I will fight anyone who does not find enjoyment in this movie. It’s problematic but at the end of the day its ridiculously entertaining. From the on-set you are painfully aware the budget was literally nothing and relied heavily on Christopher Walken and “Did You Touch My Ass” Chazz Palminteri to carry the movie but Ben Affleck look-a-like Mars Callahan who plays Johnny fakes his way through every scene with the fewest words possible and ends up being the most memorable character.

Let’s talk pool (and/or billiards), at the time of my brief review above I was all about it. The sheer amount of pool references in this movie get no play anywhere else in popular culture and the fact they had real professional pool players in it is a nice touch. Looking back its both sad and awesome that there was a moment in culture where pool was a “thing”. Poolhall movies were never a mainstream fad, The Hustler introduced audiences around the world to the pool “culture” with Paul Newman & Jakie Gleason but they petered out until Martin Scorsese brought it back, then they went away again (even with Tom Cruise in his prime and Paul Newman making comeback).

I say all that to say this, Poolhall Junkies on paper is a trash can movie that through sheer charisma from its main actor and supporting cast is one of the dumbest and most quotable movies I have ever seen.

Should You Watch This Movie?


Entertainment Value


Cinematic Value


Technical Value


  • +Infinitely quotable
  • +The acting is both genuine and terrible
  • +Fantastic 3 act structure payoff
  • +The actors are acting their assess of with a trash script


  • -This is a dumb movie
  • -After the initial setup there is a lull for a bit too long
  • -This is not the color of money
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