I’m Thinking of Ending Things



A young woman travels with her new boyfriend to his parents’ secluded farm. Upon arriving, she comes to question everything she thought she knew about him, and herself.

Who is the Audience for This Movie?

People who like artsy movies.


From the outset the tone of the movie is set, you will be uncomfortable and it does not end happy. I am writing this review a month after watching it. I can’t say its a good thing or a bad thing but its stuck in my brain in a way no other movie has in a long time.

Charlie Kaufman (Director) has crafted the perfect movie to crush your soul and/or make you re-evaluate your life and how you interpret it. Kaufman has directed & written movies in the past that dive deep into darker emotions most people choose to not tap into but in everything he has done there was always a small piece of it that tries to find some positivity. I’m Thinking of Ending Things makes you want to check on his social media to see if he is ok, its that bleak.

The movies narrative feels like a choose your own adventure and how you feel about depends drastically on the type of person you are. The themes are starkly presented with the editing and sound jumping back and forth from curious to unnerving. There is a clear through line to keep the scenes together but if your looking for a simple straight forward movie you will be very frustrated.

All of the actors are putting in their best effort none shine above each other and you cant complain at all about any of the performances. From a visual perspective I’m Thinking of Ending Things is ridiculously good looking. You could screenshot “almost” any frame of the movie and be impressed by it.

My major take away from this movie is that its not a movie I want to watch again anytime soon. The ending kicks you in the teeth and swiftly ends. It makes sense for it to end the way it does yet I still felt like it was unnecessarily dark and I have been thinking about it ever since I saw it.

Should You Watch This Movie?

For the first time I can honestly say I am not sure if you should or not. Flip a coin.

Entertainment Value


Cinematic Value


Technical Value


  • +Sticks to its tone
  • +Hits you in the feels a lot
  • +Feels like a choose your own adventure until the reveal
  • +Your never going to guess how the movie ends


  • -Super bleak
  • -Can see it being too artsy for some
  • -The ending is devastating but not in a good way
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