Hudson Hawk



Almost immediately after serving his jail term a cat burglar (Bruce Willis) is forced to steal numerous works of art that were created by Leonardo Da Vinci.

Who is the Audience for This Movie?

Bruce Willis super fans.


At the very least it looks like Bruce Willis had a lot of fun making Hudson Hawk.

Anyone watching Hudson Hawk will not enjoy it nearly as much Bruce did while he was making it. Not only is he the lead actor he also had a hand in writing this atrocious piece of cinema. In the history of Hollywood there have been quite a few vanity projects but Hudson Hawk in my mind champions the title of being the worst one ever made.. It’s as if Willis was looking for a way to tell terrible jokes and smirk for a movies entire running time. How this movie didn’t kill his career is beyond me.

I have already mentioned that the jokes are awful but it’s not the only aspect that is. The first few minutes is spent showing Leonardo Da Vinci using a machine that can create gold its both a jarring and unexciting way to open your movie. This could have been handled solely with the conversation between the main characters that happens later in the movie.

From a technical perspective, the editing is all over the map at numerous points there are strange scenes jumps with little to no transition. From an entertainment perspective the movie relies on Willis breaking into song and the action almost always ending in falling/jumping from tall heights. On the plot side of things there are so many switch ups that the movie begins to become almost completely incoherent. By the time it makes it to its big “explosive” finale you would be hard pressed to remember much of what happened before it.

Should You Watch This Movie?

Unless you absolutely love Bruce Willis you should avoid this movie at all costs.

Entertainment Value


Cinematic Value


Technical Value


  • +Nope


  • -Editing all over the map
  • -Not funny
  • -Action is Boring
  • -Story structure is non-existent
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