The Long Kiss Goodnight



A woman who has suffered from amnesia (Geena Davis) finally begins to uncover her past with the help of an investigator (Samuel L. Jackson). She soon finds out that it was a past that should have stayed buried.

Who is the Audience for This Movie?

Anyone who likes action movies.


A movie that contains gunfire with crazy explosions is one thing that all men would deem “cool”. You could delve deep into the psychological aspect as to why as men we are attracted to explosions but I am not a therapist (obviously).

How does this relate to the movie at hand? The Long Kiss Goodnight is a movie that is made solely for that purpose. Everything about the action is preposterously unrealistic and almost laughable yet I still enjoyed every moment action was on the screen. In particular the ending has to be seen to be believed.

Samuel L. Jackson appears in a role very different role then what most people are used to seeing him in. For the most part he plays the weak helpless comic relief instead of his usual macho male character.

Since this is an action movie the story should not matter, however, the movies plotting is quite weak because it wastes time with character progression. The scenes showing the Geena Davis seeing her true inner self are laughably bad and wholly unnecessary. Her poorly handled character progression and that fact that later in the movie she makes the switch to an ultimate bad ass chick leaves no room for believability. This could be attributed to the fact that Geena Davis in no way looks or acts like an action star. Even with the fast cut editing they use to make the action look more stylish she seems better suited for a damsel in distress role. I enjoy movies with female lead characters kicking ass, however, Geena Davis was miscast.

As for the necessary action bad guy, I was flabbergasted at how terrible the actor playing the bad guy was. In every scene it looks as though he is about to crack a joke because he is always half smiling.

Should You Watch This Movie?

If you are strictly looking to watch a movie in which stuff blows up and people get shot you will enjoy The Long Kiss Goodnight. That does not mean it is a good movie though.

Entertainment Value


Cinematic Value


Technical Value


  • +Some good action
  • +Very Violent
  • +Lots of explosions


  • -Miscast female lead
  • -Story is flimsy
  • -Character development is poor
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